School Bus Accident

At approximately 8:30 a.m. this morning, HSD School Bus #261 was involved in a traffic accident at the corner of Hwy #52 and Honey Lane near Kleefeld. The bus was transporting students to Kleefeld School.  A vehicle collided with the back of the HSD school bus. Several of our students were on board. None appeared to be injured in any way, and all were evaluated by medical personnel on the scene. The driver of the school bus was not injured.… Read More

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Kleefeld Community Engagement – Sharing Stage

Beginning on April 28, 2016, Kleefeld School will facilitate a community engagement through the online group insight platform, Thoughtexchange. We invite all parents/guardians of children attending our school  to take part in this unique and exciting opportunity to share their thoughts. Contribute to the conversation, and help our school identify community-shared priorities, appreciations, and concerns.  The results of this engagement will help inform future decisions at the school and divisional levels. Participation is voluntary but as our partners in the… Read More

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New Website

Kleefeld School is pleased to announce that we have a new website! The new site is mobile responsive, adds new features, and provides opportunities for expanded content delivery. We trust that you will find the navigation intuitive and enjoy your browsing experience. We’re still tweaking and fixing things here & there, so we appreciate your patience, particularly within the first few days of launch. If you encounter an error, please know we’re on it and all should be corrected and… Read More

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