Kleefeld School is a Kindergarten – Gr. 8 school. We are part of the vibrant and growing community of Kleefeld, Manitoba.


Building a foundation for our students to become confident, competent, socially responsible individuals.


It is the objective of Kleefeld School to provide a program which will fit the need of all children. The needs of the student are central and therefore, the emphasis is placed on student learning. In order to function as an institution dedicated to learning, our school will strive to foster a wholesome, healthy, learning environment. This environment should be relaxed, friendly, organized and consistent. At the same time, reasonable expectations are placed on students in regards to their conduct while encouraging student respect for each other and their teachers. Further information regarding proper conduct is written in greater detail in another section in this handbook.

Learning standards are kept high, but with attainable goals for the students to strive towards. It is our belief that this kind of environment will allow for the development of positive, well adjusted, productive students. We believe that:

  • All children are entitled to a positive, safe and valuable school experience.
  • Children differ in their needs, and all students are capable of learning.
  • Each child has a unique learning rate and style and benefits from meaningful learning experiences.
  • The school should reflect and benefit the community in which it exists.
  • Support from home is an essential part of a good school experience.
  • Communication between home and school is an essential part of a positive educational experience.