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Building a foundation for our students to become confident, competent, socially responsible individuals.

Basketball Contracts and Schedules are located under the Athletics Tab.  Basketball Season begins in January.

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2020 February Newsletter


You may have heard your child talking about what zone he/she is in, and might be wondering what they are talking about. At Kleefeld School we talk a lot about “what zone we are in” when we are talking about self regulation.  Here’s a short description of the Zones of Regulation:

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PAC January Minutes

PAC minutes and financial statement updates.  See details under the parent tab.

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2020 January

Meet our new staff members, discover new books in our library, and understand expectations for cold weather.  Read more…

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Christmas Program December 17 1:30, 7:00

It’s Christmastime in Custard County and all is calm, all is …chaos!  Snooty Cousin from the city is coming to visit country cousin , who’s a bit tired of hearing about life in the big city. Nothing short of a miracle can bring harmony to Custard County this year.

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